Ein Projekt des Kirchlichen Entwicklungsdienst (KED) der Ev.-luth. Landeskirchen Hannovers und in Braunschweig sowie der Ev.-luth. Landeskirche in Oldenburg und in Kooperation mit den Evangelischen Hochschulgemeinden (ESG) in Niedersachsen

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About us

Welcome to STUBE Niedersachsen

STUBE-Niedersachsen is a Student Program for students from Africa, Asia and Latin America. STUBE is a development-oriented education program and offers seminars, workshops and other activities related to development issues.

STUBE seminars and activities take place mainly during weekends. They supplement the professional university-studies with issues related to social, economic and cultural situations in the students home country.

The STUBE-program is practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and intercultural.

With STUBE foreign students will:

  • participate in weekend seminars, workshops and other activities
  • get information on important development related themes/issues
  • discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences with other students from Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • receive support for a study-related internship or research in their home-country
  • exchange experiences with other students concerning studying in Germany
  • build up networks and contacts
  • get in contact with companies, political institutions and civil society organisations
  • participate in the organization of seminars with the possibility of giving lectures
  • meet new and interesting people from all over the world
  • have on enjoyable weekend with like-minded people

Please note: STUBE is not a scholarship program.

here you can find the information about BPSA in Pdf

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